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Missing line between Ajantis & Dynaheir *no action*

WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
edited November 2012 in Fixed
I hope this is a bug, I hate flooding you people with meaningless threads.

CURRENT BEHAVIOUR: Using EasyTutu, one of the interparty spoken lines of Ajantis "You are a most beautiful lady miss" to Dynaheir is met with no response.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR: Due to the fact that every other one of these one liner conversations get a reply, I wonder if this is a bug. No idea personally.

Better to be safe than missed I guess. :P

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  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    This isn't a priority, but do you know about this one?

  • cmorgancmorgan Member Posts: 707
    edited September 2012
    @Bhryaen, I am not sure - these minor lines in BG1 (and the conversions->BG2) are controlled by

    in the interact.2da, it maps what soundset entires play.

    It *looks* like Ajantis uses "special", which calls for no response (down 7, over 4). But I would check with @Miloch, as he rocks on the whole "restore the BG soundset materials to BG2 .cres" thing.

    @Ward - poke away, man. If it bugs you, someone else probably is bugged to. If it doesn't get picked up in one wave of fixes, the community or the BG:EE folks or both will be trying to get it as right as can be gotten. If we weren't all a little tightly wound about getting stuff right, none of us would be messing about with a 14 year old game!

  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    edited September 2012
    @cmorgan I should of been more specific when I said 'ever other one'. Since I used the same party through the whole game, I never noticed anyone not replying to these lines, except for Ajantis and Dynaheir's one.

    I've never had a real vanilla playthrough so how Dynaheir replies, if at all, I can't say. I thought it was best to let you all know, just in case there's some breakage. There might be a line Dynaheir didn't even say unmodded, that got pushed back through some fault. I always found it strange how she never replied, you'd think she would normally right?

    I agree with Bhryaen, this isn't priority, but as long as there aren't a lot of things left to do then minor details like this may as well be checked out. It goes without saying we'll miss a few things, but there's not much chance we'll find them!

  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    @Miloch Thanks a lot for clearing that up man! :)

  • BalquoBalquo Member, Developer Posts: 2,733
    Will mark this as no action then.

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