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Charatcer I should play (class, race, alignment)?

VeritascoVeritasco Member Posts: 1
I've only ever played the original Baldur's three times (as a Hafling Rogue, Human Fighter and Paladin). And I want a completely different experience, so I am asking for suggestions for my new PC's Class, Alignment and Race.

Please keep in mind that I intend to use this character in Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced, when it is released, so I want to make a PC that will give me a different experience, than i've previously had, for both games.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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  • The_New_RomanceThe_New_Romance Member Posts: 839
    What about a Mage? Or Bard/Sorceror? They are totally different from Rogue/Fighter/Paladin. Cleric might also be worth a shot, or Cleric/Mage for spell overload. The experience can be further refined by one of the respective kits, like Specialist Mage or Skald.

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,345
    Try sorcerer (or mage if you're not used to the spell system yet), quite different from those three. You'll be dependant on a good party in BG, but more than capable of holding your own in BG2.

  • KoreKore Member Posts: 245
    A caster for sure judging by what you've played as before. I'd recommend a bard or sorcerer since I imagine you've almost certainly had a cleric, druid and mage in your party at some point.

  • CaptRoryCaptRory Member Posts: 1,660
    I'd say either go Half-Elf Bard or Elf Wild Mage. Both are really different.

  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,309
    Maybe a multi? Perhaps try an elven or half-elven cleric-mage. Or a half-orc cleric-thief.

  • KoreKore Member Posts: 245
    CaptRory said:

    I'd say either go Half-Elf Bard or Elf Wild Mage. Both are really different.

    I wouldn't recommend a wild mage because Neera is a wildmage and chances are we'll all want her in our parties at some point.

  • CaptRoryCaptRory Member Posts: 1,660
    There are three new NPCs. You don't have to take her in every playthrough.

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    The two definitive *unique* playthrough experiences are:
    1. Solo the game with something like a fighter /amg/thief
    2. Make your entire party by starting a multiplayer game and assigning all the characters to you.

  • CheesebellyCheesebelly Member Posts: 1,727
    @ajwz : I beg to differ - unique means playing solo with a Beast Master all the way till the end of ToB and decide to not touch the game for 2 years after that :P
    (don't do it, it's a crime to humankind)

  • DrakhanValaneDrakhanValane Member Posts: 8
    Swashbuckler Rogue. It's my plan.

  • DinsdalePiranhaDinsdalePiranha Member Posts: 419
    @Veritasco: for a completely different experience: cleric/mage (cleric/illusionist if feeling cheesy) or sorcerer. they're both awesome.

    for a somewhat "familiar", yet distinct class, try either fighter/mage (again: fighter/illusionist if extra cheese needed), or my personal favorite, the swiss army knife of Baldur's Gate: fighter/mage/thief. they're awesome, and ihmo the most fun class to play with, by a wide margin.

  • SenashSenash Member Posts: 405
    First of all: *thief :)

    Well, thief, fighter, paladin... for a totally different experience, it seems like you are crying out for an arcane spell caster! I would say Sorcerer (if any1 read my posts, it's not a surprise :) ), but I remember making some huge mistakes when picking the spells for my first sorcerer. You could check some guides, but that's just boring and may not fit your play style. Although, if you feel that you already had enough experience with NPC mages, then go for it! Otherwise, if I were you, I would pick a Mage, probably a wold mage, to make things more interesting.
    My second choice would be the Bard. Usually people pick the Blade, but you already had melee fighters. It's still the best choice, but maybe you could try the Jester (his song is like the spell chaos, but it only affects enemies and they have to save vs spell every round) with ranged weapons, like short bow.

    About the alignment, it's really your choice :) Since I only know your paladin's alignment, I would suggest going with a chaotic neutral maybe. Or if you haven't done an evil playthrough yet, than a neutral evil maybe.

    Race? Well, I mostly play with elves (or half-elves) and I do think that elves are actually the best for these classes, so I would recommend them.

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