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[HELP] Understanding the BG:EE File System

SFischSFisch Member Posts: 59
edited November 2012 in General Modding
I am struggling to understand what the folder architecture for BG:EE is. I see that there is a reserved space in documents for the .ini and save games, but I cannot find an override folder or a dialog.tlk in documents or in the installation directory. As for the override, is it simply a matter of not having been needed, and therefore not created during installation? Could this also be the cause for the lack of portraits, sounds, etc folders? I am unsure how to even begin modding without at least the dialog.tlk and the override.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: I found the dialog.tlk tucked into the relevant "lang" folder!


  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,338
    The override is not neccesarily created by itself through the installation process, but you can just create it yourself in the data\00766 directory. The actual game data files are packed into large .BIF files - when you use an editor to extract them, they generally go into override, and then the game reads them from there rather than from the .BIFs.

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