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Assign Keys Related Bugs and request

junk11junk11 Member Posts: 117
edited November 2013 in Fixed
-Character Arbitration missing in Page section, might appear sometimes when entering Assign Key option
Default Key : "C"
- Equip Range Weapon missing in Action section, no default key.
- Formation Key should have 5 but only shown 1~4 in Quick Slots.

Description Error:
- when changing assign keys, it will display assigning to a previous selected key, or assigning to previous unassigned key on the top description.

-Group related keys, if you can kindly allow us to change the default keys
select member 1+2 Default key "7"
select member 3+4 Default key "8"
select member 5+6 Default key "9"
select member 1+2+3 Default key "0"
select member 4+5+6 Default key "-"
select all Default key "="


-Keypad Decimal (num .) doesn't work when assign to any key.
-Character Arbitration key has no function at all in BGEE

Temp Fix:
Assign Key to Equip Range Weapon or Formation slot 5

open Baldur.ini and add below line
'Keymap Action', 'Equip Range Weapon', 'x',
'Keymap Quick Slots', 'Formation Slot 5', 'x',

x=the number for assign key, you can use ingame assign key option, assign any key, and check the number in the new Baldur.ini. eg. 0 = empty

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