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UI Modding Question

Ok if I am going to keep this game and not blow it up and off of my hard drive and go back to the original I must, MUST figure out how to mod the UI.
It has to be the worst UI I can remember seeing and must be fixed. I am no modder but I am pretty good with graphic design tools such as Photoshop.
So what I am asking is, is it possible to mod this UI to skin it and make it actually hi-res as it should be and is if you run the modded version of BG with the widescreen patch?

I cannot find any documentation here yet concerning how modding like this is done so I am asking here. Is this possible and if so can you point me to where I might find the info on how to go about doing it?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

BTW for the record for this to be called the enhanced edition of BG is quite a stretch and the only thing that is keeping me from feeling like I have been totally duped is the possiblity that I might be able to fix this issue. At least then I will feel better about the whole thing.


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