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In the closet...

SublimeBWSublimeBW Member Posts: 42
First, let me apologize about the bloggy feel of my post.

So, when I first started playing all these great 90's D&D video games I never actually played pen & paper D&D. I was in my young - mid teens and was an in-the-closet-nerd who hid the fact that I was all about playing RPGs and loved diving into some of the "geekier" video games from my friends. I always wanted to try the P'n'P version but never had enough guts to try it in fear of peer ridicule.

Fast foward to this past summer. I was on a project at work with some new co-workers and found out that one was a semi-hidden nerd who formerly played D&D. She brought some old modules and we played a bit and I had a BLAST (as I thought I would). I finally told my friends about it recently (most of them the same friends I had from when I was younger) and while a few laughed some of them mentioned that they had the same thoughts and shared some interest in playing some D&D. Now I am playing D&D encounters at my local comic shop every Wednesday!

Anyone else have a similar experience or ever have the desire to play the real D&D but were to afraid to take the plunge?

Side note: I kind of want to get into playing over the net too if possible to find a group with the right times/edition but I don't know how much it would hold my attention since I really like to roll the dice. I feel like it would lose some the magic.

No longer In-the-closet-nerd,



  • BadmassBadmass Member Posts: 36
    I also find myself in a similar situation. I always wanted to play when I was younger but my friends never expressed the interest. I was just recently informed that when my current enlistment is up in the military that my friends would like to play D&D when I return home. Only a few more months :)

  • AscerionAscerion Member Posts: 271
    If there wasn't a place for people like me to get together when I was in high school, I would have been screwed. Luckily, there was a place called the Fantasy Shop near where I lived that sold everything from PnP games to comic books, and had tables to play on.

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694 allows you to play over the net and has its own dice roller.

  • MoomintrollMoomintroll Member Posts: 1,481
    I've nursed a desire for D&D for many years, started playing recently at current rate of twice a year, with my reluctant housemates.

    There is a local D&D group in town who I checked out recently, I just find the social awkwardness of meeting new people too much!

  • darthchairdarthchair Member Posts: 191
    OP wasn't what I originally thought it was going to be.

  • DrugarDrugar Member Posts: 1,566
    A few years ago, I started work as a system administrator at a printing company. I had also recently started up a covert D&D game with some friends but since nobody else shared my nerdy hobby, I kept it quiet, remembering the years of ridicule in High School for having even the slightest interest in nerdy stuff.

    Somebody asked me what I'd done that weekend and I worked up the courage to admit it; I had been playing D&D with some friends. He asked me what it was, then got bonked on the head by the Senior Systems engineer for not knowing what freakin' D&D was. Apparently he'd been playing 2nd Ed feverishly til a few years before. Soon, another Systems Engineer joined in with the reminiscing, and then a Software Designer and eventually the Plant Manager himself, who was wondering why there was a large group of people standing in my office and laughing. He told me he rather missed his elven ranger, but having kids prevented him from playing.

    That experience taught me that there are a lot of closet D&Ders all around us and you shouldn't hide what you like. Plenty of people probably like it too.

    On that note, bearded ladies are hella sexy.

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