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Help, Pickpocketing Aldeth Sashenstar.

FranimalFranimal Member Posts: 2
Hey all, long time reader first time writer. I played the original version of BG, but believe it or not I never used the pickpocket ability. I attempted to do so on Aldeth Sashenstar (the guy who wants you to defend him from angry druids) in the Cloak Wood today. I used the thievery button, clicked on him and it said "pick-pocket succeeded". Alas, there were no new items in my inventory. Am I missing a step here? Is he unpickpocketable?


  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    In BGEE you can pickpocket him twice for a Potion of Heroism and a Diamond. I was able to get both in BGEE with the latest patch (1.0.2011).

    In BG1 vanilla you can also pickpocket the Kondar (bastard sword +1, +3 vs. shapeshifters).

  • FranimalFranimal Member Posts: 2
    So you just use the button, click, and when it says "picpocket successful" then the item/s SHOULD appear in your inventory? Correct?

  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    edited December 2012
    Yes. If there aren't pickpocketable objects, you will get the "Target has no item" message. Check the inventory of the party member you used to pickpocket, maybe you had already one or more Potions of Heroism on it. Also, if you can, try to pickpocket him again, but save first as he will become hostile if you fail.

    Edit: You will get only one item for each successful attempt.

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