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Commoner rumours missing

lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,362
In Beregost and Nashkel when party talked to commoners, they all had a different and exciting rumour or comment on pc version. Like a total of 20 different comments and all..on my Ipad version every commoner has the exact same rumour talk over and over..this is immersion breaking and no fun at all. Is this a bug or did the game designers have to cut out dialogue to preserve space? :(


  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    I actually wondered about this myself. I noticed that there are a grand total of either 3 or 4 canned responses (something like 2 for male and 2 for female) that Beregost commoners will say and that's it. I didn't remember that from the original game, but it's been something like 15 years since I played the original, so I wasn't sure.

    Can anyone who's got both PC and iPad comment on whether the "Common NPC" dialog is different between the PC version and the iPad version?

    If It is, I'd guess you're dead on...cut to preserve space...there are hard limits on how large an app can be on the iPad.

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