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Adoy Enclave - Magreb Script Loop/Lack of Quest Conclusion

CrownofSmokeCrownofSmoke Member Posts: 1
edited November 2013 in Fixed
During Neera's side-quest, at Adoy's Enclave, the character is led by the hobgoblins to the Wild Mage confrontation.

If you complete this confrontation, leave the cave and scout the area before exit, I found a hut with the character Magreb. There is clearly some sort of quest where you have to avenge his wife, Rilsa, by dealing with the hobgoblins, but if you have already completed the confrontation, you can tell him that you dealt with the hobgoblins (he says: "For both myself and Rilsa, I thank you"), but he gets stuck in a loop afterwards and you cannot finish the quest or receive a reward. (maybe there is none?)

But still, it is a bug because if you speak to him again, he is stuck saying:

"Did you find where those hobgoblins murdered my Rilsa?"

And your only two responses are that you have not dealt with it yet.

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