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Does anyone know if it's possible to use the loc command on the Ipad version?



  • ZahemaZahema Member Posts: 5
    Nobody, really? I could really use the loc on the Ipad...

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    You mean the X/Y coordinates? They're not there in game and it's already been reported in the Known Bugs/Feature request stickied thread.

    The thread you SHOULD be posting to to discuss this topic is linked there also.

  • ZahemaZahema Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your answer... I guess? How would i know i should be posting this in the bug/issue thread when i don't even know it is a bug?

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    That wasn't my comment nor was I trying to be the north bound end of a south bound horse in my reply @Zahema.

    My comment was mostly a request for you (and everyone else) to go read and keep up to date on the Known Bugs and Issues thread before posting questions/problems, not me yelling at you for not doing it. The other part of my comment was more a confirmation that you were indeed talking about the x/y coordinates and not some other kind of feature/functionality.

    Again, if you are talking about the X/Y coordinates not being in the game, you can look at the Known Bugs thread to see if it's posted there (it is) and then click the link in that post to the thread where this bug is being discussed to post your updates, questions, comments and further explanations there. In this way there is a single place where the developers can go to to see all incarnations and issues related to a bug or problem as well as see how many people are experiencing that problem and / or what they've tried to do to work around it or reproduce it.

    If a given bug thread has 200 posts in it, it's a pretty hot bug, it may be that the developers decide since it is so popular that it needs to be fixed first. As is, with everyone posting new threads about every bug and every thread getting a post or two it does two things:

    1) Rolls bug reports off to the second, third or beyond pages...things that the community SHOULD be reading and seeing and posting in gets lost in the spam of posts of the same problem over and over again.

    2) It doesn't identify any given bug as any kind of's not as if the devs have the time (nor should they TAKE the time) to go through the forum and see how many people are opening new posts about "OMG Entangle makes my game slowzorz!!!!"...they see two threads posted about it, with a post or two in each and go "not a huge problem." THey don't see the fact that that thread has been posted literally 30+ times in the weeks since the game was released and that EACH THREAD has gotten 3 - 5 replies on it (and 20 - 30 replies on the original one when it was posted the first time) which amounts to 10s to 100s of posts on this issue.

    While I apologize if what you read sounded like a derogatory or unfriendly post, the intent was to ask that you check into and keep up to date on the Known Bugs thread before opening a new request or bug report to ensure we're not duplicating work.

    It helps the community have less to have to keep up with and read.
    It helps the developers keep a cleaner forum.
    It helps speed development/bug fixing cycles as there's a central place to read up on every issue we know about.

    It's a win/win all around...and it's why I harp on reading that thread first before posting.

    Again, sorry if I came off heavy handed or obnoxious.


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