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Roleplaying thread rules and FAQs. Read first.

LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
Hi! I'm the moderator for the Roleplaying section of this forum. This sub-forum has all the rules of the other forums (keeping it PG-13, etc.) and a few of its own.

First of all, do not disrupt the threads. If you want to take part in the Roleplaying, send a message to the DM of the thread (always the first poster), asking if you may participate. Most of us have no problem adding someone to the thread and/or the list of players waiting to play, but politeness counts for a lot.

Second of all, don't spam a thread with posts. This is not a place to artificially add to your post count by making multiple low-content posts. Doing that will get your posts deleted, without question. It's not funny, it's abusive, and it won't be tolerated.

Third, and this should go without saying, every name that posts on this board is a real person. Don't be nasty or abusive towards other players. Treat people how you would treat someone in real life, face to face.

Now, frequently asked questions... What sort of threads go on this sub-forum? Roleplaying with multiple forum users. Single user posts about Let's Plays or write-ups of actual games you are playing go in the "Fan Creations" forum. This forum should be reserved for writings involving multiple users. If you are a Dungeon Master in real life and want to run a module for users of this forum, that goes here.

Future questions will be added as they arise.



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