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Hamachi (probably) adapter issues.

LazyVulpesLazyVulpes Member Posts: 18
I've just spend a few hours trying to connect to a MP game through hamachi, but I've run into issues.

When I join a Hamachi network I get an error image just right from the other users, telling me that there is a tunnel problem. If I click it and go to settings > status details it says "Failed to connect to the network adapter peer is not accessible" When I google the error I find:

But no solutions in the thread seems to help. Every solution is pretty much about disabling/enabling the Hamachi network adapter. I have already done this, and the adapter seems to be setup correctly, but alas, to no avail.

If I try to ping the other users, I get a response timeout. However once in a while, I get the message back: "destination net unreachable" to me this indicates that something is blocking the direct p2p tunnel? I've double checked windows firewall and both bgee and Hamachi have an exception. disabling it outright didn't make any difference ether.

I do sit behind some kind of funky router, usually you will have access to port forwarding by browsing your default gate way and enter the user/password, but no router admin panel is available and I don't have any other way to access it. (the router is managed by my municipality) could this be the issue? Any other ideas?


  • majinsnakemajinsnake Member Posts: 113
    If the router is managed by your municipality, and you have no option to access it yourself....then you do have a problem on your hands.

    I bet the funky part of the router is where the municipality has some sort of setup where only they can control it, and everyone else can only use it to access the internet.

    I do not know anyway around that without threatening security and upsetting your municipality.

    You are in a bit of a pickle.

  • LazyVulpesLazyVulpes Member Posts: 18
    I only have physical access to it..

    It would seem like that, yes.

    threatening security might be a problem. I don't care about upsetting my municipality.

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