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Nadine & Euric Quest - Euric takes two Amulets of Protection instead of just one

Match451Match451 Member Posts: 51
edited February 2013 in Fixed
There's a Quest in Baldur's Gate where if you enter a home in Central Baldur's Gate, you're asked by an NPC, Nadine, to deliver an amulet of protection +1 to her son Euric, in an inn in SW Baldur's Gate. When I approached him, he took two Amulets of Protection +1 that I had, instead of just one. (I had three total.)
He only seems to take two when one is equipped, one is just in my inventory, and one is in the gem bag. Strangely enough, switching them around seems to fix the bug, so he takes only one. Not sure what's going on.

Have a test save just before talking to Euric. The unequipped Amulet of Protection is the one his mother game me. The other two come from other sources.

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