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How will modding work?

WolfheartWolfheart Member Posts: 169
edited July 2012 in iPad (Archive)
One concern I have with the iPad version is how closed the platform is. How will we get access to the files in the installation? Will we have an override folder? Access to every file? Will it be mounted as a usb partition or do we need to use Itunes?



  • RenshtalisRenshtalis Member Posts: 119
    Perhaps they will release an app through the app store?

  • ZandriZandri Member Posts: 33
    edited July 2012
    That wouldnt be possible. Seperate apps under iOS cannot interact with each others file systems. They are effectively sandboxed. The have limited inter-app communication via URL scheme.

  • RenshtalisRenshtalis Member Posts: 119
  • RenshtalisRenshtalis Member Posts: 119
    So what about a dlc outside of the app store?

  • ZandriZandri Member Posts: 33
    for custom mods? what have the game point to some arbitrary download location, sounds dodgy.
    dropping files or a mod bundle into Document Sharing folder sounds like a more feasible approach.

  • RisingsunRisingsun Member Posts: 99
    They can accomplish a lot with that Document Sharing Folder. Some games on the app store, like Broken Sword 1 and 2, let you also mange your save files via the Document Sharing folder. Hopefully, they allow us access to saves in the same way so that we can move and easily backup our saves since iPads are so prone to loss or damage. It would also be a good place to add and remove mods, since i dont see another way of this happening short of tying to a mod website.

  • Chromatic5Chromatic5 Member Posts: 30
    Maybe this is a dumb question, but will mods developed for any platform work on any version of the game? I.e. will pc mods created be availiable to be used on my iPad?

    And I plan on transferring my game back and forth between my iPad and pc, how will mod installtion affect this situation?

    Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to the game!

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