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Mac Modding

KenyonKenyon Member Posts: 142
edited July 2012 in General Modding
Hi all,

With the Enhanced Edition being released for OSX, is there a possibility to see more support for this system as well? I'm looking specifically at the BG1NPC mod, which I know is what @cmorgan contributes to. I hope the App Store doesn't present too many problems in this area.



  • WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
    What, specifically, do you have in mind? If we continue to use G3 and the BG1NPC mod as examples, it and other G3 mods already offer packages targeted at OSX. What can be done better?

  • KenyonKenyon Member Posts: 142
    @Wisp I'm not sure of the details: I never had Baldur's Gate for OSX so I was always forced to run it through Bootcamp on Windows. This will be the first time that BG is distributed through the App Store, so I was wondering if there are any limitations on that format, or if I can simply run the BG1NPC OSX release on the Enhanced Edition.

  • cmorgancmorgan Member Posts: 707
    edited July 2012
    @Kenyon, we won't know for sure, really, if we can just simply run the old OSX package out on the new BG:EE for materials, until we have the shipped version to compare where we are adding content. But things are looking good. The devs have taken great pains to retain backwards compatibility with current mods, and are actively partnering with modders (doing things like identifying structures the community never figured out, asking questions, involving modders in betatesting, etc., etc.)

    In terms of iPad and iOS stuff, that is a completely new arena I have no idea about. It looks like some smart people are looking at workarounds for the max-secure federal penetentiary lockdown that is iOS, but that is way above my knowledge level. But as far as OSX/Lion/SnowLeopard/FuzzyBunny10.3 goes, we are going to continue to support getting BG1 NPC content for Tutu v4, EasyTutu, BGT, and now BG:EE on Win[3.11|XP|ME|7|8], Linux , and Mac.

  • cmorgancmorgan Member Posts: 707
    Oh, sorry - I should have mentioned - the bigg has Windows, Mac, and Linux builds of WeiDU, which is the language and tool we use to add and manipulate content. So we have the technology; it may need some tweaking to be able to add to BG:EE, but not much. Weimer and the bigg pretty well have modders covered in terms of support for those three platforms.

  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    Would all new Mods to BGEE/II be accessible in the future ,through this forum also ??

  • WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
    I imagine most modders will continue to distribute their mods through the current channels.

  • KenyonKenyon Member Posts: 142
    @cmorgan Thanks for the explanation! I'm glad to hear things are looking good. I'm excited for the Enhanced Edition (if only because it provides me a native modern OSX port with added content), but I was saddened to hear that the team can't simply add existing dialogue due to contract limitations. BG1NPC goes a long way to remedying this. I'm looking forward to it!

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