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Play through with only 1 Constitution ?

So I finally paid the price for my lack of attention to spell details. I've leveled my Conjurer to level 5 whitest constantly using my familiar as an expendable scout. I somehow didn't realize it was permanently docking a Constitution point each time the thing died. I'm now on chapter 3 and have literally 1 constitution . Has anyone tried to play through the game on just ?


  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    I didn't know you could even survive on 1 constitution, let alone play through the game...

    ...I dare you to try it. >_>;;

  • EudaemoniumEudaemonium Member Posts: 3,199
    Can you get lower than that? If not, might as well continue using the familiar as an expendable scout.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,402
    edited January 2013
    Any creature will die if any stat reaches zero value. You can play the game with 1 constitution. You will have a penalty to Hit points per level and mages get only d4 so you will have very little hit points. Your char will tire very quickly and require rest much often. Also a few drinks in an inn will make him piss-drunk. But if your familiar dies again you will reach zero constitution and die. And any creature that drains CON points will be lethal to you (Do succubus in Durlag's dungeon drain dex and con?)

    There was a bug about stats in original BG2 game. There was a staff that reduced Cha permanently when you used it in melee and yeah you normally died when Cha reached zero (you are so ugly and think so little of yourself that you curl up and die or commit suicide) And there was a ring that set your CHA to 18 as long as it was equipped.

    Trick was this:use the staff till you reached 1 cha. Equip the ring. Your cha is set to 18 now. Use the staff again. Your natural cha will be zero but since you have the ring equipped you don't die. Use the staff again. Normally your natural CHA will be -1, but since game engine could not handle minus stats, it did wrap up your cha to highest end, to 25! And when you unequipped the ring you had permanent 25 CHA!!!

    You can try this trick with potion of fortitude, it sets your CON to 18. Drink a potion, kill your familiar, summon another and kill it too, you will hit natural -1 con which could (in theory) turn into 25 in BG2 engine. In BGEE this might not work, since they fixed up many odd bugs and all..heh.

    EDIT:Ummm. maybe they really fixed it.

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