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I would like to try multiplayer with new ppl... BUT...

XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
I have never done multiplayer on this game, and would like to try it with willing people who will work at a decent pace (not too fast but not too slow either). The only issue is that while I like to follow rules... I kind of bend a few here and there... and was wondering if it bothers most people or not that I:

-Shadowkeepered in a Cleric/Mage elf
-Shadowkeepered in the mage as a specialist class (Diviner).
-Shadowkeepered in Find Familiar (Diviners can't learn this spell).

Now, while Elves CAN be diviners, and it makes it so I can't use certain conjuration spells, I wanted Find Familiar anyways. I don't mind not being leader in this case, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to try playing the game with me even though I may have... cheated a bit...?


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