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Starting BG2~Fix Who You Begin With

ArndasArndas Member Posts: 42
I have loaded old BG1 saves into BG2 to continue the game with my character, but my party always must start over. You remember seeing Minsc, Imoen, and Jaheira, yes? For me, I always keep Minsc and Dynaheir, but I never keep Jaheira or Khalid. It never made sense as to why they would be in the dungeon. I can deal with Imoen for a short while, but I replaced her with Coran. Basically what I am saying is that your party should follow you into BG2.

For me, if need be, kill Dynaheir because that was what happened originally, but replace Jaheira with say...Kivan or Branwen. Maybe have Coran come back and save our skins? It might cause tears in the story, but it makes sense to me.


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