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Any news on the steam patch?

I know the finger is still pointed at Atari, but the wait is getting ridiculous - worse so with no news or timeframe. Is this Atari's or Beamdog's game? Because the steam release is making BG:EE look terrible either way. I also understand Valve lets you upload patches with no certification process, and you already have people play-testing patches through the Beamdog release.

So basically as I understand it, Atari is just sitting on a patch that is already heavily tested, that the could upload to steam, for no reason at wonder they're going bankrupt I guess?

Sorry to whoever this may annoy, but I have no where else to voice my complaints. I'm really tempted to just spend the $20 and rebuy the damn game even....


  • moopymoopy Member Posts: 938
    Atari has the digital distribution rights. So while it is Beamdog's game, Atari has control of all digital distribution (other than direct from Beamdog.) It is kind of messed up. I'm hopeful that Atari will get with the program soon.

    But yes, I understand it as you understand it, that Atari is just sitting on the patch and isn't doing anything with it.

    Sorry :(

  • treemonkeystreemonkeys Member Posts: 7
    I'm gonna say fuck it and buy it from beamdog, I sent Valve a request for a refund but I'm not expecting to get it.

  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
    edited January 2013
    I understand your situation treemonkeys. Your last post may be the solution... but most importantly the BGEE description on steam should state that it will not upgrade as "it should".

    One of Steam's features that I consider essential - is that I know most developers will use steam to update quickly and seamlessly. If I found BGEE on steam first I would assume it would deliver those updates, not that it was a stagnated version delivered by atari.... To me its not just having a game on steam, hell what I want is that it updates ASAP on steam!

    In my last years I've bought many indies exactly because they support their game. And beamdog clearly supports it too so this situation is not ideal at all.

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  • AuraneAurane Member Posts: 4
    Wait, does steam not have the latest update for BG:EE? Wtf..

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