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NPC Portrait Pack BGEE ??

udoudo Member Posts: 6
Hi, I wonder if the mod NPC Portrait Pack for bg1 BGEE works for? I think it was this mod, which portraits assigned to NPCs in the game that did not have, right?

Thanks and sorry for my English.


  • ScytheKnightScytheKnight Member Posts: 220
    You can assign any custom portrait to an NPC easily. Simply save the portrait you want in your portraits folder as NPCnameL/M/S (XzarM and XzarS for example)

  • PaheejPaheej Member Posts: 126
    I was going to try to do this with my version of the new Ultimate Potrait Pack. However it will probably be at least one month before this component would be finished. I have not seen this executed so far (I have played BG1 with the orginally mentioned mod though).

    @ScytheKnight it looks like the OP is talking about a mod which added small portraits to minor NPCs in our of their dialogue texts. Not just replacing the original NPCs.

    Part of the issue is that when most people resample the images to a larger size - they do so with the smaller images and use a crappy algorithm for the upscaling.

    What really has to happen though is that when creating portraits for BGEE the "modder" really needs to either find the original large source image and then resize it using the correct algorithm or use a correctly use an upscaling algorithm. I am partial to Photoshop's "bicubic sharper for reduction" myself.

    Sparing you any technical jargon - I am working on this, I am not aware of any else doing anything similar. The earliest this will be done is approximately March 1st.

  • ScytheKnightScytheKnight Member Posts: 220
    Good to hear mate... there's some nice stuff of Dropbox but... well I was a compulsive portrait collector for BGII.... no, I won't say how many I had lol.

  • JamesJames Member Posts: 110
    I think the mod which adds small portraits is auroras shoes and boots

  • PaheejPaheej Member Posts: 126
    Actually I'm not going to do this anytime soon. Other stuff has came up at work. However I have a wealth of portraits in the new Super Ultimate Portrait Pack that would be a good start for source imagery.

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