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Three times cursed (Help needed)

LindeblomLindeblom Member Posts: 257
edited February 2013 in Windows PC (Archive)
1. I bought the game and installed it on a semi old laptop with Intel = slooooooooooow
2. I installed it on my 2 y.o laptop and a week later it stopped working. (The PC that is)
3. I installed it on an oooooold ACER with windows XP, took forever to download the game, but once it was on the computer it looked great. Until I tried to play. Creating characters work great, but once I start to play the graphics are "out of sync".
The borders(pc,npc on right side, backpack spells etc on left side and bottom) are fine but the "play screen" is moved down left. I can see the top of the "play screen" on the bottom of my screen, and the top of my screen is black.
I am very limited when it comes to pc knowledge, but if you have any idea what could be the problem, PLEEEEEASE let me know.

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