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Why all characters die when I put the AI on??

A Bug after updated??
All the character die soon after i put AI on. Is there anyone could tell what is going on? Thank u.


  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
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    Were you approached by a man named Lothander in Baldur's Gate? He and his partner poisoned you, and if you didn't complete their quest in ten days, everyone in your party will die. This behavior is controlled by an AI script, so when you turned the AI on, the poison effect finally kicked in.

    Unless you want to use the console, I suggest leaving the AI off until you finish the game.
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  • CJJCJJ Member Posts: 5
    It's hard for me to get used to playing without AI. If they died no matter the AI was on or off, i could have got back to somewhere before they start dying by loading game saves . tragedy...
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