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[BUG] Kivan's Journal Entry About Tazok Missing When Recruited

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,593
edited November 2013 in Fixed
I'm not seeing Kivan's Journal Entry about Tazok when he joins the party. I've tried every possible option when talking to him. He just doesn't give it.

In the old game, it was kind of dumb as you had to make him tell you why he was hunting the bandits, and then you had to give him the boot in order to get the entry -- Which never made sense to me. It looked like this:

- "We're adventurers, on the lookout for evil to smite."
- "We'll help you against the bandits, but only if you tell us why you've spent months hunting them."
- "We don't need some vengeance monger in our party. You can leave."

These dialog options gave the following entry:


Is there anyway the journal entry can be added back?

I also think, unlike in the original incarnation, you should get the entry as long as you choose the second dialog choice. What the third choice is (whether you let him join or not after he explains himself) shouldn't matter.

In the EE game, you guys might want to make this an open Quest, that closes once Tazok is finally dead. I think that makes sense.

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