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OOTS: Tales of the Sword Coast

WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571
edited March 2013 in Fan Creations

Hail brave adventurer!! My friends and I have finally figured out how to play BG:EE multiplayer. We started out with some basic characters and tested the reins to see how the game plays out. Once that was done, one of us had the excellent idea to roleplay the (in)famous Order of the Stick party!! There will be three of us playing the various party members; each controlling two. We wrote down a list of the characters and rolled a d6 to see who would play what.
We will be playing the game (hopefully) from beginning to end. So there WILL be spoilers. I will not filter them out since you have now been warned. I don’t expect those that comment on our story to hide spoilers as well.

---The Order of the Stick---

Me (Nathan) - Miss Haley Starshine

- Durkon Thundershield

Alec - Elan

- Belkar Bitterleaf

Cole - Sir Roy Greenhilt

- Vaarsuvius (V)

We haven't started with the new characters; some of them haven't even been made yet. I hope to share their story, our story, and our attempts to roleplay possibly the greatest 2D characters around. None of us have attempted to roleplay in BG, but we do gather around and play 3.5e so we’re not completely hopeless :D. Likewise, we’ll attempt to play OOTS:BG:EE (:D) around once a week and I’ll attempt to type up a story about the actions us/them partake as they solve the Sword Coasts’s iron crisis.


Order of the Stick is played in 3.5 edition of D&D (or at least it comes off that way) as such, we won’t be able to make this a ‘pure’ Order of the Stick run and some things will obviously won’t be allowed. Those discrepancies will be placed here so there won’t be any confusion.

Also, this is O-U-R run through of OOTS so *we* decide what their actions are. If we don’t do things what you think is right, well… sorry. Not to sound rude (and I know that’s hard to do with text), but if you don’t like the choices, stats, roleplaying, weapon proficiencies, *anything at all* that we do with our characters and story; then sorry. Make your own OOTS:BG:EE story then. We’re not going to defend ourselves about anything that we do in our game. Just to get it out of that way, we typically meta-game and some of the characters will be min/maxed. So…. sorry. (?)

So, without further ado:
Belkar Bitterleaf: Has to be a Fighter/Thief since Halflings aren’t allowed to be Rangers in AD&D. Won’t have his kitty as an animal companion as BG:EE doesn’t allow such things.

Durkon Thundershield: Is going to be a Priest of Helm. Obviously Thor isn’t a FR deity and Durkon comes off as a Lawful Neutral kinda dwarf. I could’ve gone with Talos for the lightning, but then Durkon would have to be evil. Irregardless, I just stuck with Helm.

Elan: None… yet…

Sir Roy Greenhilt: None… yet…

Haley Starshine: None… yet…

Vaarsuvius: Since there isn’t a gender neutral option in BG:EE, Cole will decide if V will be male or female. V won’t have his/her raven familiar (ummm what was it’s name?/sarcasm :P) or any familiar at all since s/he won’t be the party leader. Will probably be an Invoker given that’s mainly what s/he uses in the comics, but that’s not for me to decide; that’s Cole’s.

Another reminder that I WILL NOT hide spoilers within the game.

---Special Thanks---

This is where we will be thank those that made this possible or gave us the idea to play OOTS.
Rich Burlow created the widely popular Order of the Stick web-comic series. It’s still going now and is almost at 1000 comics and going strong. To see where it all began…

@Raistlin82 for his help in gathering portraits and giving me more links to further investigate our characters. Also I made my characters before I saw the link regarding stats. I’m not going to remake them, sorry.

Also, can anyone tell me how to take screenshots within the game and post them onto the forums? Thanks!! I will continue to update and add pictures when necessary. Thanks again.


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