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Where do Save files go?

Hi guys, 1st post!

My problem is my save files have disappeared during gameplay. I went to load a game and I had one save left (excluding auto and quick). I went to load a second time and there was only the auto and quick saves. I checked online and I found the files can move sometimes (for god only knows what reason as I am the sole user of this pc and therefore have Admin privileges). I have found them in My Docs. for whatever reason (the main install is in My Progs.), and my saves seem to be there but I don't know where to place them in the main install file (or if you even do). The files are Portraits, Saves, Temp, Tempsave and Baldur.

I've ploughed most of my waking hours this past week playing this awesome game (for the 1st time might I add ;) )and any help would be greatly appreciated as I would probably cry if I had to start over now.


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