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Undead Hunter/Wizard Slayer Dual Class.

Does this sound like a good combination because 1 gets a +3 to hit and damage to undead, and the other makes wizards fail on spells with each hit. The cool part would be if this works very well against Liches, which are plentiful in BG 2. Also the immunity to Level drain works great against Vampires, and the immunity to fear and hold works great against many things. This doesn't even include the 1% magic resistance per level which is an even added bonus. The only downside is the loss of priest spells if you stop before level 9 and the lack of lay on hands. This also lets you use the strongest sword in the series in BG 2 with a mastery, 5 levels, in two handed weapon style. Did I mention you still have your turn undead ability. I got a great roll on this character as a Undead Hunter Paladin of a 97 and I am itching to try him out. Let me know what you think about this combination.



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