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[Bug?] Pheirkas won't talk to me

GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
edited March 2013 in Fixed
Observed behaviour: whichever of my party talks to him, including my Thief (Imoen, dual-classed to Mage but Thief levels regained), Pheirkas just says "Hmm, I prefer not to work with amateurs."

Expected behaviour: so long as there's a Thief in the party (single, multi or dual), Pheirkas should offer the quest for Algernon's Cloak.

Comment: I recall no problem talking to Pheirkas in previous runs, regardless of what variety of Thief I had and regardless of reputation and Charisma. Conceivably there has always been some additional criterion for being able to talk to him which I've never before encountered, so maybe there's no bug. But if so, then I'm surprised that I've never hit this issue before, so I reckon something must have changed. (Or if this is intentional, someone please explain to me what the additional criterion is!)


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