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Fan Fiction Recommendations

DarrylsonDarrylson Member Posts: 87
edited March 2013 in Fan Creations
I don't know exactly if this thread belongs here, and if it doesn't I would be grateful if a mod moved it somewhere more appropriate.

I've been reading some fan fiction recently and been pleasantly surprised at the high quality of some of it. I've decided to share some of my favorites here, and encourage others to do the same.

First is probably the greatest piece of fan fiction I have ever read ever. Basically, imagine if Quentin Tarantino directed an anime adaptation of Baldur's Gate and then someone wrote a novelization of it. The story takes great liberty with the original games plot, with events happening out of order, characters appearing where they didn't in the game, and minor characters receiving detailed back-stories never even hinted at in the game while other beloved characters never even appear.

Warning: there are some pretty disturbing things in here, especially concerning Daveaorn, by the Gods I will never look at that man the same way again. Regardless, if you can look past detailed descriptions of gore and other debauchery I believe you will find it well worth reading.

Fury, by Incanto

Second, a much shorter and lighter tale, for fans of Montaron and Xzar, taking place during the events of Baldur's Gate II where charname has the duo resurrected after the fiasco with those dastardly Harpers.

Just Out For a Walk by Reality-Helix

Part One-

Part Two-

And that's all I've got for now. Feel free to share your own recommendations and comment and mine as you please.

Edit: Mispelled Incanto's name.


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