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Bug with Montaron/Xzar joining/leaving party together

Drizzt1180Drizzt1180 Member Posts: 24
edited March 2013 in Not An Issue
People are probably going to hate me for posting this one, since Montaron is one of the few thief options you have with an evil party, but I've found a way to split Montaron and Xzar up if you don't want one of them but do want the other.

When party members become petrified, they are booted from the group automatically, but the other PCs seem to treat it as a death. This means that if Montaron or Xzar become petrified and leave the group, the other will stay (The mad wizard falls!!!). You can purposely get Xzar petrified and replace him with Edwin, for example, and Montaron will stick around.

Not sure if this is intended, but it doesn't seem likely.


  • LuigirulesLuigirules Member Posts: 415
    I can't see how this could be a bug.

    Montaron and Xzar clearly loathe each other. So if one gets petrified, they'd celebrate not having them around anymore. Petrification pretty much IS death, unless you've got a handy scroll on you. And if you don't...well I'm sure neither man will care that much.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,630
    when I have teams with couples and I want to boot one of the couples out that is usually what I do, except I actually kill them off, because once one is dead you can boot them out and the other mate wont realize ( although if you do it that way you have no chance of getting that npc back) and usually just for irony I have one of the two couples kill the other person off ( Khalid slaying Jaheira for example, I love how Khalid morns for her loss despite the fact he is the one that did it :) )

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