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BG2 Fixpack Integration

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,394
Just to let everyone know, the BG2 Fixpack will be integrated into BG2EE. It's been mentioned a few places here and there in the forum, but I wanted to post an announcement to make it more prominent. There are a lot of bugs being reported from the original BG2 that are already on the radar (and fixed) by the Fixpack. Version 10 was just released; more to the point for BG2EE it means that documentation is now up-to-date so you can peruse whether or not your favorite bug is already addressed (the BG2FP forums can also provide some insight as to why/how something was fixed).

This is not to say it's a straight port of the Fixpack. There are many places where we've been able to drop some of the more hacky fixes for much cleaner, better fixes thanks to the enhancements already in place--one prominent example will be better spell stacking. The enhanced engine will also allow us to address bugs which we couldn't fix in bogstandard BG2. And with a small army of QA folks, we'll also be turning up a lot more bugs to be quashed.



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