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Various issues (unable to interact, freezes, blank sessions)

ZenoxioZenoxio Member Posts: 1
edited April 2013 in Multiplayer
4 of us are trying to play multiplayer over LAN. We all have the Steam version (up to date), latest drivers and no one has mods. We're experiencing issues such as:

-Unable to interact: one player will randomly lose the ability to interact (talk, pick up, etc). Toggling the permission does not solve this and the player has to fully quit and re-join to fix it.
-Network freezes: sometimes when the host does something like move between areas it will load the new area for the host but takes an extra 5 seconds to load (kind of like lag). When this happens, often another player gets disconnected from the game (I would guess because the player pings the host and the host data does not reply while it is still loading whatever).
-Blank sessions: randomly when joining a game, the player sees the player list completely blank and the host never sees them join, or it says " Joined" as if their name was blank.
-Unsync: Sometimes the host will see a player "left the game" but that player still sees himself in the game & can move etc, but the movements do not show up to other players or the host.


These are all very frustrating and together our games are never played smoothly.


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