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A good favored enemy(Potential spoilers)



  • TyranusTyranus Member Posts: 268
    There are only a few monster types you'll encounter from Candlekeep to the Undercity.

    Ghasts (very few and far between, but I play Tutu a lot and they spawn friggin' everywhere)

    I said earlier that I don't much care for Spiders as a favoured enemy, despite the fact i'm VERY arachnaphobic in real life. You don't really encounter them all that often, and outside of Cloakwood they're not really a challenge.

    I like what others have said about choosing Ogres. I consider the Ogre Magi fights the toughest in the game, especially with SCS installed. Ugh, those 5 Assassins that ambush you as you re-enter Candlekeep was brutal.

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