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Questions : NPC modding

EcthelionEcthelion Member Posts: 61
edited May 2013 in General Modding
Hello everyone,

I'm really new to modding and want to do a simple NPC mod (with WeiDU) to test all dialogues types and be more familiar with them. For now, I've only succeeded in creating a NPC, making him join / quit the party and... that's all. I'm trying to get how banters work but for now it is quite blurry in my head. So I have a few questions and hope that you will be kind enough to share your knowledges with me :

1/ Concerning prefixes in dialogues files, how do you know that this one is not already used? (if there is a way)
Ex : E#NPCname - How do i check that "E" isn't already used by a modder?

2/ About the conditions you check on scripts and dialog files, how can you test those in-game?
Ex : I want to test if Kivan is in my party in a command line in-game, how can it be done?

3/ I'm quite confused by the banters, from what I have read, you need some conditions to be fulfilled and even then, the activation seems to be random. Is that true?

4/ Since I don't want to spend a loooooot of time for testing my banters (NPC to NPC), how can I force one to activate? I mean from what I understand, the simple way would be to reduce the conditions I apply for the activation of this banter. The other way would be to manually set the global variables to the value I need them to be to activate the banter. Am I correct or is there some other clever ways to do it ( I heard about ctrl+I with EnableCheatKeys() but I don't know what it does exactly...)?

Thanks a lot!

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