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Player Scripting Detectable stats and spells

TomtechTomtech Member Posts: 9
edited May 2013 in Fan Creations
I haven't found a thread to discuss player script creation.

I looked at the stats.ids filed for EE and many of the stats previously used for Detectable Spells and Stats are already allocated. If anyone is working on these let me know where your files are.

I suggest using the following Stats and included my working Stats.ids file.

My goal is to present my player scripts for BGEE and BG2EE when BG2EE is available.

Many characteristics cannot be dispelled due to natural ability or it is from items, so I use a value of two to indicate they can be dispelled.

Since the protection from magical weapons spell doesn't provide protection from normal weapons I set the stats for protection from normal weapons and protection from magical weapons as inverse of each other. A value of one in protection from normal weapons indicated that it is from the spell and can be dispelled while a 2 or higher is an undispellable characteristic and that is the weapon value needed to harm the target. A 1 in protection from magical weapons cannot be dispelled while a two or higher can.

Weapon Magic level will be used to determine whether a player can effectively damage a target. Lauchers which don't create their own ammo are not coded with a weapon magic level.

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