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Portrait Options

the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 711
Hi, I had a few idea's. First, I was wandering if it would be possible to add the portrait selection option that is available on the bio screen for the main character for all joinable NPC's on their bio pages? I always prefered the portraits for BG2 and I don't like how inconsistant they are for chararacters like Jehera and Imoen between the two games. I usually have to rely on the gatekeeper mod in order to import the portraits I like. I was thinking that if it's not too much trouble maybe Overhaul could simply replace the bio screen for the NPC's with the same bio screen that the main character has and link them to their own portrait folders within the game installation so that we could add our own fan creations or easily choose our preference of the two game's portraits from within the game itself? This leads me to my second question.

I was checking out the 3 new NPC's that overhaul is adding to BGEE and I noticed when I clicked on them that the portraits for each character is shown on the main bauldur's Gate website. I think these new portraits are exceptional. They have the realism of the first game's art but also the exotic stylish look from the second game. I don't know if Nat Jones is the one who did this or not but I would love to see Imoen or Serevok done in the same style. Sooo.... I was thinking maybe a portrait pack DLC in the future? I mean, Nat is already being paid to add art to the game and these new portraits wouldn't replace the original art that is in the game. They would simply be available as replacements if users were interested. I don't see how it would intrude on any contractual obligations and it could be a profitable venture for Nat and team. I really like the dark style of these characters. Especially Neera and Rasaad. Rasaad reminds me of Light Hammer from the movie Blade 2. Just a thought, I would be interested in paying for a pro portrait pack that matches the new NPC portaits So I thought I would mention it.


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