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iPad user, disappointed with new portraits. Include all IWD portraits?

Having purchased the iPad version of BG:EE (just days before it was pulled from the store). I also decided to purchase the all of the add-on's, as I didn't see much point in having an incomplete game (Seriously can't you just sell it all in one bundle for £10? Buying the game and then add-on's is just lame).

However I was somewhat disappointed with the new portraits, not with how they look but just how few there were.

Would it be to much to ask to have ALL of the IWD portraits added in with this pack (As it is the same artist)? There are quite a few IWD portraits I like and if they were also included I would fell like I had gotten decent value for money. One of the things I have always done on the PC version of the game is adding these portraits and it would be nice if I could access them on the iPad version aswell.

Also about the new voices, it may just be me but the new ones sound a lot louder than the old ones, can you sort this out aswell?

Including the BGII and IWD voice sets would also be nice, variety is always good!


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,438
    We don't have the rights to include IWD resources in BG. The $10 price is specifically to make it more affordable for casual iPad users; when you buy all of the in-app content, the price is the same as the PC/Mac version.

  • OrchestrationOrchestration Member Posts: 13
    Really? That is a shame :( I feel like I am being punished using my iPad version of the game, you can't provide portraits and there is no way to import new ones.

    Any chance of getting such rights? It seems like such a minor thing, moving a few portraits from one game to another, when you have right to both games.

    Let me guess? Some lawer probally wants your blood and soul and free access to your sister for everyone on the legal team before you can do such? *Sigh*

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,362
    You can port custom portraits to use in place of the existing ones on Ipad. By using Ifunbox program on pc. You can even do some light modding without the need of a jailbreak. Check the Ipad forums for details.

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