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Mod That Causes Armor to Give a Dexterity Penalty?

shylamanshylaman Member Posts: 153
I am using GoG and BGT, but this forum seems pretty active and knowledgeable so I thought I'd ask here.

I thought I had gotten all of the kinks worked on a new install. Everything seems to work great, but the armor has added descriptions and when equipped causes the character to lose two points in dexterity. I equipped studded leather on my fighter/thief and his dexterity dropped from 19 to 15. Same with Jaheira and other NPCs.

WTF? I don't recall installing anything like that. I have done pretty much the same mod install a half a dozen times and never come across this.

Here is hat I have and the order:

BG2 Fixpack
1PP (Core, Paperdolls)
BGT *NO Biff
BG1 NPC - No Wait in Inn, No Change Location, No Cloakwood
BG1 NPC Music
BG1 NPCs: Indira, Xan Friendship
BG1 Unfinished Business - Skip Angelo notice SharTeel, Kaigan Quest, Coran Wyverns, Kivan, Branwen, Elven Charm, Music Corrections, Sarevok Diary

BG2 NPCs: Amber, Tashia, Fade, Angelo, Valen, Kivan
Dungeon Be Gone
SCS: NO NPC level/proficiencies
Crossmod Banter
Song & Silence
Oversight: No Sendai
Divine Remix
RR: NO Thief Kits, NO Bard Kits, N0 Thief High Level, Bard HLA, Shadow Thief Improvements, BG2 style icons

SCSII: Read Big World PDF (24.2, p174)

BGT Tweaks:
BG2 Tweaks: YES Weapon Animation, Icewind Dale Casting, Icon Improvements, Force all dialogue to pause, More interjections, Alter HP triggers NPC Wounded, Exotic Item Pack, Store Sells Higher Ammo Stack, Bonus Merchants, Rule Changes, Universal Clubs,


RR: YES Thief HLA, Bard HLA, Shadow Tief Improvement, [email protected] Style Icons
Level 1 NPCs: Aerie- C/I; Anomen - F/PoH (**Mace, *WH, *S&S); Cernd - Totemic; Nalia - Bard (*SS, *SB); Ajantix - Cavalier; Dynaheir - Sorcerer; Khalid - WS/Mage; Kivan - Stalker; Yeslick - F/PoL;

BP BGT Worldmap
SCSII (232)
Widescreen Mod
Bigger Font
Generalized Biffing

Would any of these mods affect armor to give the dexterity penalty?


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