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Question about Installing a Mod

mMike01mMike01 Member Posts: 2
I'm playing the original BG2 + TOB (non-EE) and currently I have Ascension, SCS2, G3 fixpacks, and widescreen mods installed on the game. I'm currently at the Oasis in TOB.

I've been reading more about mods and I'd like to do the Ritual and Eclipse battles that come with the Solefien mod.

Was curious if anyone knew if I could install it now at this point in the game w/o messing up the mods I currently have.

Sorry if this is the wrong BG forums as it seems like its dedicated to the EE edition and BG2 and TOB aren't even out for it yet.

Thanks in advance


  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,344
    Afaik you can definitely install it without breaking anything, but depending on the mod you might be too far in to be able to get all the content without restarting.

  • mMike01mMike01 Member Posts: 2
    Ok, that's good to know.

    Yeah, I guess that's what I originally meant if I was actually able to play the Solafien mod content this far into the game.

    If not, I plan to play it again with another class.

    It's amazing how much replayability and addicting this game is again after over 10 years of my last playthrough.

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