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[IEEP] Item/Spell Name Change

Keldorn_firecampKeldorn_firecamp Member Posts: 50
edited August 2013 in General Modding
Anyone know why infinity engine editor pro doesn't save the name of an item?
Keeps reverting back to ""
Thus, i can't change the name and the description.
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  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    forgive me if I am blunt, but I would suggest you abandon IEEP as it is an unsupported legacy tool and will not write strings for you in BGEE. DLTCEP, Near Infinity and WeiDU are all still supported modding tools that will change string names.
  • YovanethYovaneth Member Posts: 682
    I agree with Cuv. IEEP is a tool of its time but now it's rather like trying to use WordStar* to create a fully-illustrated coffee table book. Even if you were to succeed in sorting out the problem, anything you create will be non-distributable and could conceivably overwrite something on your own system, potentially making a mess of your game. DLTCEP and Weidu are definately your best friends when it comes to modding.

    * A DOS-based word-processing package which I loved and used for years, but WYSIWYG it ain't.
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