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Beastmaster non-protagonist in multi-player

SakhmetSakhmet Member Posts: 15
We just set up our first multi-player game, but had not realised that if the person playing the beast-master is not the protagonist (person leading the game?) then the find familiar does not work. Is this correct? if so, it is very disappointing for one of the players ... isn't this one of the cool things that a beastmaster can do? When setting up the character it didn't advise of this—it might be good to give a hint (i know, people who are familiar with BG would know this, but newbies wouldn't). Any way around this?


  • Copastetic1985Copastetic1985 Member Posts: 277
    Whoever's using a Familiar, have them roll there character prior to joining the Multiplayer match. Once they're done buying their basic equipment, use their spell to summon the Familiar, pick it up, and then Export for a Multiplayer game.

    This should work. Then everyone will have their Familiar in the game.

  • SakhmetSakhmet Member Posts: 15
    Frustratingly, it's not working. We exported his character (as it's level 2), then began a multi-player game with this character as the lead, then cast the find familiar ability, then exported the character with a new name (lets say DRAGO) so we could recognize him. We did that on computer A. On iPad I went back to a saved game that we had, reformed the parter without the original beastmaster, then the player on the computer attempted to come in by hitting create character (but the DRAGO didn't appear in that list) so we imported DRAGO. It had us go through the appearance, voice, and name section again, and he hit accept. When we went to play DRAGO was there, but sadly, not his familiar. I feel so bad for our boy as he was so excited to play the beastmaster because of the find familiar spell. Any idea what we did wrong?

  • SakhmetSakhmet Member Posts: 15
    Well, I figured out how to get the familiar in the inventory, and how to import DRAGO into the mulitplayer game, but when we released the familiar, nothing happened :-( we waited, but it never appeared...

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