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White overlay

CorbekCorbek Member Posts: 1
Okay, so I have seen all over the place complaints of white boxes blocking the game. However, for me, it's just the background. Everything is white except the buttons, and I can make a character, hear the music, athe sfx, and even play the game, but everything is white, except character models, and doors, or other things I can actually click on. All of the landscape is pure, snow white. Anyone know of a fix to this particular issue?


  • AendaeronBluescaleAendaeronBluescale Member Posts: 335
    edited August 2013
    Do you use an Intel integrated GPU instead of a real GPU?
    If yes, you'll need to wait for the upcoming patch. BG:EE is not compatible with Intel integrated graphics.

    Reason: Intel IGPs do not fully support OpenGL, some graphical components need Intel workarounds to fully support these. BG:EE doesn't have these yet.

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