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Anybody have Games Open?

ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,063
I'm looking for a Multiplayer Game to play on
I am new at this so I may need tips on how to connect and what do you when I do connect, but I shouldn't have trouble after knowing these things.
I also need to know how to Skype Chat with multiple people if it is required if not, I know how to In-Game Chat, It isn't hard.
I will playing one of these characters
1. A CG Human Archer named Oak
2. A CG Elven Swashbuckler (He would be Drow in Storyline, if we roleplay) named Shade
3. A CN Fighter/Mage named Zaram
4. A NE Kensai named Kao
5. A NG Wizard Slayer named Maxtor
I may play a character of your choice under these conditions
1. I will not play a Bard
2. I will not play Lawful Neutral
3. I pick the name of my character (I will take suggestions though, if your name sounds cooler that's awesome)


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