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Adjustable text size on PC and OS X version of BG:EE ?


I recently (last week) purchased BG:EE via the Mac App Store and played it on my MacBook Air.
Overall playing that game again is a pretty pleasing experience.

However there is one major issue that's bugging me. The text isn't well rendered and very hard to read, at least for me (I wear glasses).
I would love to get an option to increase a bit text size, as BG is a very text-centric game.

I'm planning to get a MacBook Pro Retina very soon. Is the game Retina ready ?
Perhaps going the Retina route would give me the text crispness I'm asking for.

PS : I've read numerous thread before posting, I'm not talking about the blurred/doubled text issue, which seems to be solved, nor UI size or scaling. The graphics can look a bit crappy, I understand you are not ready to recreate all assets. I can deal with vintage graphics.

All I'm asking for, as a paying customer, is truely legible text, the most important part of that game from my point of view ;)


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