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Monk Mod

How hard would it be to edit this class?

What I want to do is allow for chaotic alignment.

Then remove the stealth and add lock pick and disable trap.

This would give him more the feel of a brawler.


  • RedViiperRedViiper Member Posts: 48
    He would have worked with the thieves guild as the muscle. Then his stunning blow and quivering palm is just really hard punches.....then as for his magic resistance if I could see replacing that with a d12 hp and warrior hp progession.... but its not nessary if its not doable since the magic resistance could be reasoned to be from him just being a tough mofo

  • dibdib Member Posts: 384
    Things like thieving skills are hard coded to specific classes. Although perhaps you could make a thief kit that changes your character avatar to the monk one, give him the monk off-hand fist weapon, disable his stealth etc. and basically emulate a monk. That might work.

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