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[Mod] Time dial (the clock - lower left icon) BG1 like...

VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
edited October 2013 in General Modding
Hi... Well, I've wasted time on this last year and nearly forgot about it... That, until beta came and the clock returned to the BG2 style... I'll be frank, I don't really like it and because of that, I did this little mod...
This is BG2 clock:
This is BG1 clock:–-To-Be-or-Not-to-Be-2.jpg
And this is my BGEE clock:

I know, it's not well centered but I didn't want to mess around the files anymore so I accepted it as it is! :)

There are 2 files: Cpen.bam and CDial.bam... CDial is the big clock... CPen is the mini version (upper right, but it's almost unviewable in the picture). CPen, in BG2 and EE is the pendulum (that goes back and forward). You can take both or one or the other. (Imagine, you can take none too if you want!!! :p )


Installation is quite direct and easy, copy the files to your override folder! Don't like it? Delete the files! Simple, isn't it?

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