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Mods for BG2EE

ArdulArdul Member Posts: 210
Has there been any indication whether IR, SR, SCSII and Ascension will be playable/ready for BG2EE when it releases?

I love what the devs are doing with BG so far, but these mods are essential for my gamingexperience..

Thanks in advance for any answers :)


  • velehalvelehal Member Posts: 253
    SCSII is already compatible with BGEE. But current version is little bit bugged, new (25) should be in few weeks. It was promised that there will be new version of Ascension compatible with BGEE. SR and IR will eventually be compatible (or at least I hope so). But when I don´t know. You should ask the authors.

  • BollywoodHeroBollywoodHero Member Posts: 89
    I'm very interested in knowing whether or not Refinements will be made compatible with BG(2)EE. It's the best mod for handling the shapeshifter bugs and the HLA overhaul adds a lot of depth to the game.

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