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DLTCEP search help

barbarabarbara Member Posts: 30
I have installed DLTCEP. It works as expected, and without having used it before, it is quite self-explanatory. I have set it up so now I can e.g. edit weather in areas.

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how the Search function works. I want to find all areas with containers containing AROW01, so I figured I click "Search"->"Areas", Select "Match Item" and fill in AROW01 next to "Match Item". I click "Search" and I get the output "Checking areas... Done".

So instead I try to find all shops selling AROW01, so I Click "Search"->"Stores" and do the same thing as before. I get similar output.

How do I find all areas with containers containing a specific item or all stores selling a specific item? The documentation for this program is nonexistent and there are no tutorials covering the search function. I figured the output may be written to log files instead, but haven't found any.


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