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"Nobleman" issues

kayankayan Member Posts: 2
edited December 2013 in Fixed
Okay, this is one I can't find anything about in the forums. We've been playing a multiplayer game for a couple of weeks now. When we first started, the thief in our party tried to pick pocket one of the noblemen in candlekeep. He ended up agroing it, but it didn't call for any guards, and since it was just before we were leaving with Gorion, we ignored it. Now, weeks later, we have this nobleman spawning by the dozens all over the place. We were at the bottom of Durlag's tower and couldn't get to the gollem to talk to it because of the dozens of noblemen in the way. And tonight, we were in Ulag's Beard and couldn't get into the cultist house because they were all milling around outside. And, naturally, if we kill them we lose rep like crazy. Anyone else had this issue? It's quite frustrating.

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