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Temporary fixes for bugs present in v2014



  • KondaruKondaru Member Posts: 3
    The problem is that the files attached to the posts are available only to the registered/logged useres. I actually had to make an account to get them. And due to some forum invalid scripting the registration proces took me over hour-and-a-half. :-(

    It is not that I have any problem with registering - actually I have been reading the Forum for some time already and was considering it several times. The thing is that fixes to the bugs are available only to the registered users, while - IMHO - they should be available to all the paying customers. I would really appreciate if they were available on some free-for-all webpage that could be linked in this thread. :-)

    @ luskan
    The problem with Steam updating is that it often verifies if some files are not up to what they should be and overwrites them automatically unless auto-patching is turned off (thus reverting the changes). In this case I do not really believe it should matter, since there is nothing to overwrite the files with.

    The only thing to remember is to look out for the patch and to decide if fixes should be deleted or not when it is eventually installed. Either way, it can (possibly) wreck the saves. :-(

  • aikavariaikavari Member Posts: 7
    Is there a way to implement these patches on the iPad version? I have a non-jail broken iPad 3.

  • GriegGrieg Member Posts: 507
    @aikavari I believe (but not sure though) that all of this fixes are present in new patch v1.2.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    All of the fixes noted in this thread were included in the patch; when the patch is released for iPad, the fixes will be there as well.

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