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LindeblomLindeblom Member Posts: 257
edited September 2012 in General Modding
I have loved this game for 14 years. I am pretty good with installing cd's and dvd's but when it comes to mods etc I am like a scared little girl. I have with varied success tried one or two.
Could someone sign up as my personal mentor on what mods one should install and how to do it. Also what works together and what does not. And
I hope the EE would give me some of this, but who knows =)

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  • LindeblomLindeblom Member Posts: 257
    This does NOT mean that I have something against scared little girls =)

  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,346
    Hi Lindeblom,

    as the vast majority of the mods out there come with an .exe installer compiled with WeiDU, installing them is as simple as unpackaging them into your main BG folder and double clicking the .exe. Just follow the instructions to select which components you want to install from each mod.

    Each mod's readme file clearly states which other mods it is incompatible with, so avoiding problems in this department is actually fairly easy. Installation order can be less obvious, but when a specific order is required for a mod to work properly it is generally specified in its readme as well. If memory serves, there should be a few installation guides out there for heavily modded games.

    As for which mods to install, that really comes down to personal preference. I can tell you those I usually install, but that won't tell anything more than my preference in content and playing style.

    - ToBEx
    - BG2 Fixpack
    - BG2 Tweak pack
    - aTWEAKS
    - Rogue Rebalancing
    - Unfinished Business
    - One Pixel Production
    - Infinity Animations
    - Widescreen Mod

    For BG1 games add the following

    - EasyTutu
    - Tutufix
    - Restore stony GUI
    - Restore chapter intro music
    - BG1 Unfinished Business (replaces Unfinished Business from the list above)

    Last time I played an EasyTutu game, I also extracted the REALMS.BAM file from my Baldur's Gate directory with Infinity Explorer and placed it inside the EasyTutu Override folder to get the original ingame font.

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